Stephanie Louise Smith

Can Someone Get Me A Cupcake, Please?

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Hello, Three Day Weekend. So glad you could be here. Where have you been all my life?

Woke-up this morning fatigued from the week of training and another night of almost no sleep. Grrr. Maxacus had told me ahead of time what this morning’s workout would be, so knowing that it was a body weight based one that I could make-up over the weekend at some stage if I wanted, I opted to stay in bed. Even decided that today would be my rest day.

Unfortunately I only decided that after the alarm went off and then of course I couldn’t get back to sleep. Of course.

My shoulder is a little out of sorts from the power cleans yesterday. It seems to be working on fast elbows that aggravates it so I decided to rest it and just go for a run. Have been reading Brian Mackenzie’s book a lot lately (always referring back to it) but even so, was out there running for the enjoyment today rather than doing a structured session.

Did 4 x 1km intervals. A short run, but 1km trying to establish pace was not an easy run for me. So I’m starting the day with a smile because I’ve trained and it was a training session that made me feel accomplished, I have plenty of time to catch-up on sleep if needed, and any minute now you guys are all going to start posting and messaging scores and I can’t wait to hear how y’all did!!!

Good luck with 13.3!!!!!!